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Finding and understanding your soulmate by reading signs


Well, what are some of the secret to a healthy relationships that most people are sadly not aware of. Ninety-nine point zero nine nine nine nine percent of your being on this earth are causative co-conscious and do not know nothing about what it means to be human and how to relate to love and trust. Let me explain. Being this, in your chart, in a female chart, even she is the type of mouth she is able to offer at men. And that was a many transition it has not, to forget the truly aspect to that Venus the goddess of love in Greek Mythology. Based in a man's chart, the type of love made is acceptable to react for a woman. God praise for that, I found my soulmate around, she's a beautiful Venus who is a very courageous inside that assist me a lot that is why she is my soulmate. So there are possibility for finding your soulmate if you come read the signs. Alight, now, let's talk about more this,Venus, regulates the love and then emotional necessity to depression in woman in general. The opposite of Venus is Mars. The right Aries Mars. That is represented by the sign of Aries. This male's charts detect and depicts how are man will show his masculinity to a woman. How is going to run after the opposite sex. He is gonna be intellectual, is he gonna be rough, is he gonna be deadly, is he gonna be obnoxious, controlling , is he gonna be loving, is he gonna be cooking, feeding, loving, is he gonna be irrational, eccentric, who haven,t feel commitment. The rotation of Mars in a man's chart detect how, how many glory after woman that will shows masculinity, how can he transpire the pretty obvious of course how many men out there who knows about this and how to read them. Now in a female chart are much presented type of men, she's actually you're looking for what she is expecting from a man. There's some ladies who wants a big, macho shirts or either big guy. You know, I love you baby stuff. Some of the woman are much more fine, much more sensitive, much more critical and they have a really clear picture of the man they want to be attracted and be with. And that's called the soul-mate. The soul-mate essence, the soul-mate energy. So, the problem is as we said, the secret to a healthy relationship is to understands how you have chronically attracted into each other for better or for worse. Understand outside of yourself what your top priorities are about. And this is one of the reason why Grace and I are successful in dealing people together outside of a traditional common sense or traditional psychology because it is not because of the upbringing. It is not necessarily because of so many things. We were made to each others because of our education, our experiences, our intelligence, but most of all we were made to each other because of how we see God. One word I've warn you to forget, unique selection identity. You're very much connected -this man, woman, god, family, genetic speaking- you're exactly the same but when it comes to closest family member would be your biggest strangers because you would never create to behave the same faith like your mom, your dad, your sister or brother or any family member for that matter. So that you and your DNA is understood by science, physically understood and recognized but the human spiritual DNA is not existing. So this is what you got, you've got science and you've got spirit or vice versa that what you're trying to do is by bringing back to face of the truth of God from this universe or creation is to bring your balance between the physical and the spiritual so that we can really understand what it means to be human and dealing with these people and judging them through your rear shot and you're able to or don't mind yourself, jump out of yourself like canon and be able to see your partner as (many reasons as you release) here something that should be mandatory that an old discipline there should be accepted discipline because it would benefits the children of the future in the long run so there will be able to enjoy balance and harmony and caring each others. So the secret of a healthy relationship is give to your awareness.

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