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When is the perfect time to resign


Sometimes ago, I have been confronted to work in condition that I really don't like it. I will not say that I hate the condition but it was so boring, I feel so useless, and also yes most was not good I feel all the time after that so low with my energy, tired, and do something else. I was really unwell. So I was staying in the job just because I need some money. I was fearing that if I lost this job, how can I pay my bill for instance, for my food etc. But one day at work, an event happened. It was so self humiliation that I said Okay, that's the sign that life's send me. Now is the right time, the perfect time to resign. So I just did it. And perhaps, one or two days letter, I had, just like that by look, a wonderful opportunity, job opportunity. So I would say that what is important when we have a job or do something at the professional level, we have really to try to see what there is and what are the fears for instance and why we're not able to resign or to stop or to change or to move to something else. Because in my philosophy, if something is not good for me, for sure there's something better in somewhere else. So for this reason, it's good to make an assessment about your situation.

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