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The mind is our antenna


________JJ Thiret__________ How does yoga help transform, or how does the transformation take place? Is it just by the active doing the poses or... You're shaking your head. Okay, go, tell me. ________Umang Goel_________ Because it really is about awareness. Awareness is the keyword. The more aware we make ourselves, the more we go towards that inner being, because literally, the journey is through their self. The journey is not going anywhere else because guess what? The higher power resides here, right here. The treasure, we are literally sitting on a gold mine, and we don't even realize it. So, the journey is not outwards where people are going, the journey is inwards. The moment you reach that very depth of that being, and that's what yoga is doing... And, by again, by yoga, I mean, when I teach you meditation, we are talking about these things. We are talking about why are we letting somebody else be in control of our thoughts? Why are we worrying about who said what? Why are we worrying about controlling somebody else's actions? The ((first)) person to control, the least the mind is here. This mind needs to be leashed. This mind needs to be understanding. This mind, this is the antenna which needs to be sharpened. The antenna has junk. It has rusted. So, the universe is there for everyone equally. The universe does not say, "I like you..." ________JJ Thiret__________ No favorites. ________Umang Goel_________ Yeah. I like you more, I like you less. Universe is the same. The signals that are coming out is the same. It is our antenna with those belief system, with all those conditioning which has got the rust and the junk, and so it's not catching the signal, just like, think about it, when you go in the car and you want to hear music and you are tuning in the radio, and you say, "Wow! It's not getting..." You're getting all these so many signals at the same time. The music is not coming out. And, then, you fine tune it, and you fine tune it, and suddenly there is this beautiful melody that you are waiting for. You are doing that to your car radio. Why aren't you doing this to your test? Fine tune it, fine tune it, meditation, postures, fine tune it, sharpen the antenna, so that when the universe is sending the signal to you, you are going to be able to catch it, and you'd go with full force.

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