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Remembering the past


____________JJ Thiret____________ Do you see, um, people in their, um, I don't know if you use this 'em to have them as clients, but a lot of time I've seen that, been around 'em, people in the golden years, um, people that, um, are aged, and they always seem to be, 'oh, I remember when you were, and I remember, and that's what they're doing, is they're... They're living in the past all the time, what's up with that? ____________Chauncey Scott:____________ No, and it's, well some people would do that, and what they would do, on I've see, is kinda over romanticize things, so what they'll do is they'll... Live in the past... But they'll remember the good parts, and forget the bad, and so... Or, or they do the opposite, they'll remember all the bad, and not, forget like ... The good times that they've had, and so, you know, a lot of people that, that, that sink into depression and kinda do depression in their body, is based on for what they're focusing in on. So a lot of times, this folks say, oh, what you know, this happen that happen, well, it might not remember, or they don't want to remember, because it's, it's kind of easier for them to go that depressed mode, but they might not wanna remember, you know that, during that time... Mmm... They got a promotion at their job, or you know, they went to school, and graduate from school, they did, they'll just see, you know, may be the bad relationship that they had there at that time. So I, I'd do see... That a lot of people would either go to one side or the other, and not really... I guess it had balance.

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