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Physical activity is good for someone who feel anxious


Well, the advice that I would give to somebody who feels anxious all the time is that you should really get check out for a medical or psychiatric firm if you havent already these anxiety disorders can be very real and very physical if youre having panic attacks you find yourself with a physiological science of the anxiety, catch breathing, beating heart, difficulty living your life with anxiety then it would be a serious issue that needs outside help that might be hormone imbalance that could be a problem, there might be a neurological tissue that work and so its truly important to go and get check out by a doctor you will get a referral to a psychologist in order to check out medication for your anxiety, thats for breaking free of the pattern, theres a lot of techniques that people with anxiety used. I have a very best friend in the world have a serious anxiety that she is treating but she gave me some good tips when I was just having normal anxiety during my pregnancy she said you know when youre feeling back in that loop you can just emerge your face in cold water to literally snap yourself out of it and you can go for a run in order to make the fast beating of your heart match your physical activity you know, use your technique to even used in the moment in order to cope and you can always go to the counselling as well in order to talk to with your feelings but of course these strategies to break the pattern if they dont work it might mean that theres something more to it and theres no way that you can break out of it on your own and thats not your fault either. So theres no quick fix if you have constant anxiety otherwise nobody would be anxious on the planet.

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