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Emotional intelligence is one of the key skills and ability that we can develop


Emotional Intelligence is important because it's a key pattern how we relate to the people around us. And if you think about it, we are always engaged in worth and working through people to achieve whatever it is we want to do in this world. So I think, emotional intelligence is one of the key skills and abilities that we can develop. Aside as an ability and as a skill, 'cause it is understanding about what emotions are and being comfortable with not only our emotions but the emotions of others and that is something that can be built and developed. The first part I'm saying, what we mean by emotional intelligence, and for me an EQ or emotional intelligence is a natural ability that we have with dealing with our emotions and being with other people's emotions. So, what happens is emotions are being, I believe, being made to boon this world. It's not okay to have emotions especially in the workplace and you know, men can't cry and musn't show you're emotional. Women are overly emotional and do too much emotional expression. So for me, it's more about I'm saying that emotions are key aspects of our mind, body and emotion system: our ability to engage with the world. If you look at the word emotions, made up of e-dash-motion which is about energy in motion in our mind, body, emotions system. So, we have a map a way of perceiving the world and our perceptions, the way we think the world should be our expections. And we have the actual reality which is the world out there. And what actually happens in our day-to-day lives, when there's a difference between what we wanted and what we got, that is shown to us by our emotions. Our emotions are signals that tells us that there's a difference between what we expected, which is our mental map, and contrary to reality what we actually got in this world. Now, the emotions that are comfortable are the ones that show us that we get what we expected and we just usually carry on and want more of it so we can do what to do. The emotions that are uncomfortable that you know, fear, anger, frustration, are the ones that are telling us that we are not getting what we expected. That the reality is different to our map. The [inaudible] is different to our map. It then forces us to stop and start questioning or what's going on? And when we keep doing the same thing and experience different results, that's the basis like the definition of what means stupidity, which be would be like a low EQ. A low emotional intelligence. So high emotional intelligence is more someone who understands that emotions are useful. They are bodies where registering our beliefs, our meanings, and things that we think about and with that emotion that energy is an emotion gives us the energy to do something to add a continue on the path you've been experiencing what we feel as the comfortable emotions of joy and happinness and those ones or the get a stop and [inaudible] and look and change our approach so we can start expressing more the comfortable emotions. So, emotional intelligence is important. I think it's a key part in relationships and especially in relating and communicating. If we are comfortable with our own emotions, and we can ask the [inaudible] or experience the emotions and also what is this emotion about ? And actually get the signal. What that signal is telling us. Get the message behind it and then we can take appropriate action where more likely been to own our emotions and to walk on them and not make them taboo not make them something that we will push away. This is that leads to a whole other experiences that are not so conducive to a happy life. So, when we are able to manage our emotions, learn from them, process them and then communicate it what we need to do and act differently in relationship to them, that's when we become really intelligent of our emotions. And part of this is also being intelligent of other people's emotions that they understand that other people's emotions are signals that are telling us something about their expections of the world, their map, versus what they're experiencing. So I always get very excited when someone asks if it gets emotional because that helps me understand them more. Their emotions are giving me great signals to be able to gauge that person on another whole level to be to build the relationship with them to understand them more. To be able to perhaps even influence them and if need be and get them help us to work together more. So, emotions are very much [inaudible] intelligence really comes to emotions is understanding them and using them rather than seeing them as taboo and difficult and not something we shouldn't experience and we should move away from.

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