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The body is in the mind, not the other way around


Its been said to me that the body is in the mind not the mind in the body, I said we do things and we get on some people called desire and for me its, its about photography when Im photographing people and I walk through a room and I just see things automatically and I pick up on things and its not be trying or looking its just feeling whether its true, its sort of holistic approach I guess or what Ive called before seen photography you know, and you know our gut is a, is a memory you know and, and when you, when people say my guts feeling told me not to told me to the gut is hooked to the mind, to the brain and the mind more than we realize and this is already an interesting information thats just come out on that recently and (inaudible) from a guy, from a (inaudible) health the guy called caped in Rome and the lines and the (inaudible) really fascinating stuff that you know, we talked about subconscious and you know the (inaudible) dream time and when were sleeping and then we have a dream we remember it and yet and the (inaudible) things is only a very, very short time theyre actually, theyre actually (inaudible) but we wake up and does a feeling about it you know, you cant explain all I thinks its like you know, when you recently being sick with some feeling heavy a lot of problems and when it first happen I actually realize that I was there was something wrong you know and it was my body and my mind I believe you know, making me realize that I have to do something and act.

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