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Woman rights


I dont really think that I have a belief or an attitude that is strange and unique but I found myself coming of many times and speaking really passionately about feminism many, many people seem to talk to me about feminism and particularly when I worked in a very male dominant (inaudible) and seem to think that feminism is all about burning bras, burning under ware and hating them and actually my whole life id look men, get on with men, have worked with men and constantly, constantly see this mishmash of women dont get to the top because of the guest ceiling or women get to the top in corporate world because he slept with the boss and if you are a little bit ask-y about that then you're a feminist and a feminist is a man hating woman and it's incredible how for men feminism is about justice it's about famous it's about not allowing, believing it's about seeing the world of anybody can do anything regardless of their gender if they so chose to do it and thats what for me feminine women wont feminist (inaudible) wont, they want justice if one woman is qualified as the next girl then should get the same money not 15 per cent less should work just as hard and if a woman chooses not to go to boy because she wants to have a children then what's wrong with that you know so I think sometimes what gets to me is that we are so quit to put people in little boxes men and women the men I worked with actually a lot of them I've travelled with a lot and they missed their children no less than I missed mine they always felt what give them depression to provide, provide, provide and if they didnt they couldnt win they have to work like hell and then also be perfect to when they got home and how similar is that too, many of my female friends but because we express differently we are put into boxes you know if we may fight for womens rights were Im just going to be barking but if eventually that actually you just have to work hard and have to wants it to have children and a career on top then I must feel a little bit you know that heart knows not very girly all that sort of stuff and I just cannot understand where that comes from so I say if I had a boy or a teen tomorrow I want men (inaudible) because we each have something unique to bring in table and together working together working and understanding the difference and using these differences to make change better with mutual respect is a fantastic risk to take so thats an attitude that I was used and it's worked very well for me and it's a belief that I think can be happened and happen tomorrow before you all work together. Thank you.

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