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Changing ourselves before we can change others


_________________________DEBRA____________________ yes we have to start form where we are right now. and so often I've heard people saying that so when I move a house when I have a baby, when I get married, will the kids get to school, will I get divorced? when I get a new car. we've always waiting for an extra event happen in the future and instead if we wait for that when we get that we would have changed when we practice feng shui right here right now so we want to improve our environment right here right now so were changing in the inside to when we get to that when we are different person and I'm sure you know most of our listeners have It's some stage have a friend that you know have that helping gee I hate my job when will I get a new job. my last is gonna be different blah blah blah. and you some time when I get a new job hey they're really excited It's fantastic , It's extremely awesome and two three five months go by. and you know they're saying the same stuff that they're saying the used to say back then so they haven't changed even though they've changed what they are there two different personalities inside. and in order to create new experiences better experiences to us we have to change

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