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Our body is a composition of energies, atoms and cells


____________ Harry Kroner ____________ We are actually a system and it's something we need to recognize within ourselves, we are not one entity, we are actually, no, three trillion cells that are together, forming this one entity, and we are more, and , and every atom has it's own energy, and, and , and level of, of.. charge and negative charge, and positive charge, and we actually have the ability to change it. we have... ____________JJ Thiret___________ The atom are vibrating, they have energy.. ______________Harry Kroner _____________ Absolutely, and, and we have that, that consciousness. The beautiful part of is, is, are, center of our energy that can truly shift and move any, you know, any part of it. We are all, I mean, I, I love the scene of , from the matrix when he finally realizes that everything that is ones and zeroes? it's just the same idea, but it really, really are, we all are just, just vibrating energy that goes back and forth, and everything that we are, are all levels. Like we are on a, ment, a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level, It's all just different level, or different level in our vibration scale.

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