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When your own mind is telling you that you can do it but nothing is happening


This is a difficult question in my opinion. There is no such thing as the right time when you should be seeking out help. No one's totally independent, no one has all the answers. But there comes a point in time when you are hitting the wall again and again. Or you're resisting something again and again and you soak up to the resistance that it overpowers you and prevents you from doing what you really have to be doing as part of your job or just part of personal relationship or whatever. So when you are really truly resisting and your [inaudible], a cobweb on labyrinth of your will of your own mind. You really up to be seeking out help especially if your mind at that point in time is telling you No, you know you can fix this yourself. Don't worry, you're self sufficient. You can handle this.. That's precisely the time I think when people should be seeking out the help of a counselor or healer because we don't do that. You are trying to fix the situation yourself, like a hamster going round and round trying to figure things out or trying to get out of that trap. And you're unable to get out of the trap for the most part because it just totally overpowered you. You are not able to think objectively. So again, when you are resisting something with a lot of veracity and you keep on hitting that wall again and again and again, the wall of resistance, that's when you really should be getting out there and seek the help of somebody.

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