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The relationship of reiki training and meditation


__________J.J. Thiret__________ I know that you do reiki training? Okay, um, tell us what Reiki is about and, um, how that cause you said everything that you do has to do with meditation so go ahead. __________Tom Von Deck__________ Yeah, Rei-Reiki the, is a word that means, that translates in different ways uh , universal, life force energy or spiritually guided uh , life force energy and this is just something that, that flows on its own in it, it could, still it's a hand on healing modality, you can do self-healing or you can do it for others in it, it's just something that flows out automatically by thru your hands, right into uh, the body and whatever is that out of balance in the body it help bring it back into balance. __________Tom Von Deck__________ And it tells something meditation because it can, you can use it as a meditation, so if you are a practitioner you're regularly doing that, you're either uh, doing Reiki on yourself or on another person, you can just meditate on that the feeling of, the feeling in your hands, and might becomes the meditation or if you're receiving it, it's a, it's a very meditative practice just receiving it.

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