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Balancing the mind and the body


_____Katy Suik_____ Ok. Between mind and body, hmmm... I think that they are... they are inseparable, right? I certainly for myself discovered that you know, for years, I actually shouldn't even say that. But as soon as I starting to have kids, even exercising, become less and less and less. Because I was just so busy dealing with them and you know, questioning out on having exercise and you have three kids it was just too much. But I realized hmmm... in terms of dealing with stress, in terms of dealing with well, you know what all of us dealing with every month, hmmm... and in terms of dealing with relationships, in terms of being the best coach that I could be, I realize I've got to take care of myself, and it's difficult point now like having a whole bored day, hmmm... I just say it all loud and here I am asking like crazy and I just want to kill someone. That's what I get from the thread now, I go for a walker and you know, where do we go to nurture myself, in order to be that better person for everyone else, and I try to teach my client that its... hmmm... you know, there's hoping about you got to give him, give him, give him gift. What... Yeah, there's no greater joy than giving but, you got to make sure that you've you feel that inside that first, otherwise, it's just going to be a thing of resetment. You're just going to reset everybody for taking pieces of you that are barely contain as it is, you know. So, that's what I am trying to people is you got to love yourself and you got to just you know, whether it'll be to exercise, healthy eating, just doing things you love, being with people you love, those are the things that going to fill you up inside. So that when you are being a service to the world, it's coming from an outlet to place. A place of love and fulfillment, right, as opposed to obligation, you know, which was most a lot of... a lot of Moms that I worked with, they are just so bitter with that fault because for so many years they thought. Their husband and their kids... how they just... use them for everything, you know "Yeah, my kids are often [[traditious??]] Because..." You know, I didn't want... I didn't want to first remember that. Well, now, twenty years later, there so resign for; because, the kids are at help then do anything. So it's all about teaching them the self-respect, boundaries, loving yourself, in an... in a self-home way, not that self this way but a self-home way. That's... I can talk about this all night...

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