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What we believe is what we are getting back


Have you ever thought about somebody in your life and 2-3 hours later maybe even sooner your phone rings and it's them and the first thing you said to them thats really weird I was thinking about you this morning and here you are on the phone ever happen to you, happen to me a lot and thats where my biggest belief comes from what's in here what are belief is what we are putting in to the atmosphere is what we get back so whatever is happening right now this is the result of you're thinking or your attitude things that you're going to be dead 10 years ago or decision you make 10 weeks ago things are happening now and thats just my biggest, biggest belief that what we believe in here is what we put out there, have you ever gone to buy something from a store and you'd went over away you wanted to go and buy it but you didnt buy it for some reason or other I guarantee is (inaudible) to the person who was in front of you didnt have a belief in the product they were selling or they had an attitude that they didnt want to be there for whatever reason youve got (inaudible) and you decided not to purchase the item so all Im saying to you is what you believe in here is what get portrayed today so what regardless of words you can say what you want awkwardly but it's your inner belief system that people pick up on because were human and we have that instinct.

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