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How to deal with a stressful life


___________________Madison_______________ What kind of advice do you give to people who are, you know, A ? Type, very very busy with their business worlds, whatever work kind of they are having. What kind of advice do you give them to slow down, and really relieve them of that stress that they are constantly feeling? ________________Gui Mansilla_____________ Hmmm... I was just actually really interesting enough in order to goal from Coleman; they guide that right about emotion intelligence, and he was just talking about drive that becomes overdrive, and would you talking about our North American way of living, it's drive and a vision that , and would you talking about our North American way of living, it's drive and a vision that could be actually healthy. That becomes overdrive, an obsession. So, I tend not to give advice in terms of how to resolve a particularation with a particular person in a particular circumstances, my style is more helping them to figure it out. What is that they need, and then my experience is that people tends to achieve clarity when they are in the state of being, an a state of consciousness, that allows them to access that little clarity. But if I have to choose something to talk about, I would say pay attention to your body, and pay attention to your little self-wellbeing, and we are happier when we're in harmony with people that we love, we're more excited when we are able to just stop and do something unexpected that is fun and do it just because it's fun. We are more happy when we can give our self a time for the gym or for walking to forest, or a project that we like, so the advice would be pay attention to your body and to what, your well-being. And to don't let the drive become over drive.

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