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Time is too precious do not waste it


____Katy Suik____ it's... fascinating watching people come to that real life they should, and even when I asked them things like "Woah, tell me your top three to five values." It seems like, eight out of ten times people don't know. They don't have a clue, they are like "Oh, no." and they have to actually think about it and that's what I love to get to the root of, it's like I want you to know your [[soft soul??]] intimate, and it's so well, that you make sure that you're like to grind up to what matters to you. Because if you are working you know... seventy hours a week, just so that you can live in this expensive house that it's just so stressful, you'll clean all the time, right? Hmmm... are you living a life that reflects who you are? Are you trying to fit the mold of something that you are not? One of the reasons that I don't have a full time corporate job somewhere is because kids grow up fast, and for me it's like I have the rest of my life to build the courier, I'll probably work until the day I die. Because I just love what I do, but, my kids are going to be around for that long, you can't get that back. So, I am constantly in that juggling at the "Ok, I get away ahead of myself and I want to do five hundred million things and then it is just like you know, ok, let's pack up! (Laughs) But five million is probably a little much, so I am always making sure that my choices are in the alignment with what matters to me. You know, and at the same time, I couldn't just be a Mom and not have this. I would go insane, for sure! So, it's finding that balance, you know, putting that two together and walking that journey. Hmmm... always remembering what really matters to me, because, to me, having that fancy house, you know, the match down the hill, it's... it does not matter to me. You know, I am rich beyond measure, with what I have, yeah, you know what, I was like to live in a maybe a bigger home, and I was like to... you know, there's always things that you would like but it's about really just savoring what you really have in a moment. You know, it's... time like you've said "Time is too precious" right? Why waste it being unhappy?

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