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What is coherence therapy


__________Timothy Hayes__________ coherence therapy used to be called depth oriented brief therapy. It's a model for looking at the human being which says I,you're not sick,you're not crazy,you're not stupid, you're not lazy any and you're not masochistic. When you walk in my door, that's my assumptionwhich meansno matter how painful the symptom is that you're coming into asked me to help you get rid of, there's a reason you're creating that symptom. __________JJ Thiret__________ Okay, so you don't necessarily put a label on it? __________Timothy Hayes__________ Well not only do I not necessarily put a label on them but in coherence therapy, there is no labelling. __________JJ Thiret__________ Right, that's..that's I guess what I was getting at you don't look at someone and say "Boy, I think you have PTSD" or "Boy I think you have major depressive disorder" and pull out a know uh.. DSM4 or something like that. __________Timothy Hayes__________ : Well I do that in my work as a psychologist I have to do that I had toget trained to do thatto talk to other doctors and insurance companies. But when I'm working within the model of actually helping people clinically, I'm not working from a model of "Oh this person has this disease" because all of them are simply a collection of symptoms. It's not, it's not like "okay you've got the German measles we can draw your blood we can see this pathogen" and we say "oh that's what you've got". When we're talking about depression or post-traumatic stress disorder orobsessive-compulsive disorder, you can get the label if you just, if you display enough symptomsbut that doesn't meanthat's what you've got, it simply means you're acting like other people who have been labelled that way.

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