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Doing something else unrelated when experiencing writers block


_______Madison_______: Let's say for example writer's block, right? _______Andrew_______: Yes. _______Madison_______: From the topic of writers. It's a, a writer's blog, what, what, how do you interpret that and you know, it can be from what I understand it, I'm gonna said, I think it, it has a lot to do with being over, overwhelmed, there's the feeling of overwhelmed, but I wanna hear more of what you used to think about. _______Andrew_______: Okay, so example, when you say you experience overwhelmed, where do you experience that in your body? _______Madison_______: Hmm, is it up here? _______Andrew_______: I'm asking you. _______Madison_______: I feel, I feel like it's, it's, it's an anxiety that's going on and it's just like overwhelming thoughts. _______Andrew_______: Okay, so now when you're in a very creative state, where do you experience that in your body? _______Madison_______: All over? _______Andrew_______: Where does it start? _______Madison_______: Aahh.... _______Andrew_______: When you hear that really inspirational thought, where would you experience that, with that first tinge of the inspiration comes when you're being creative, where does that come from? _______Madison_______: A, like a physical feeling I get or a? _______Andrew_______: A, any, anything can be whatever, and that, the word experience means anything. What's the first thing that came to my mind when I asked you that question? _______Madison_______: I, I went back to here. _______Andrew_______: Well, does it the same place you have your overwhelmed? _______Madison_______: No, it felt more like it, I think it comes honestly, from the top. _______Andrew_______: Okay. _______Madison_______: Of the head but... _______Andrew_______: Um, from the met, from the metaphysical perspective, that's considered your crown shocker. The top of your head, that's considered the what, the thousand pentalotus, and this is where you supposedly connect to the universe, from that perspective. _______Madison_______: Oh my gosh! Of course. _______Andrew_______: Is an example, but just back to your question of writer's blog, um, from an NLP perspective, writer's blog is when you get stuck in your head, literally. And the idea is to... _______Madison_______: Hmm... _______Andrew_______: To get, unstuck out of your head, is do something that's totally unrelated to what you're doing. Can be something I suppose playing a video game, if that case is or going for a walk in nature, because it's almost like you know, when you, you're, you're um, what's the word I'm looking for here? Ahh, um, you know when you feel really tensed, you feel your hands like this, right? And you feel like I got to get something happen, like your twisting, right? When you put up your hands up like this, you're very relaxed, you're open. _______Madison_______: Right. _______Andrew_______: That's like your brain, when you, when you have writers blog you're like going like this, you're like trying to twist something that come out and going, where is this side, I know there's something in there, right? _______Madison_______: I, you know, I feel like, I, um, am holding a rag, you know, there's like no water that you're about, right? _______Andrew_______: Yes. And you're trying to find some juice in there, lack of a better word, to get you going on and then, on the next thing. One of the key things that my, my one client had an issue with, not writer's blog but just, just a sense of creativity, ahh, 2 or 3 sessions, we finally came to the point that, she needed to go to a different space and place, for her creativity, and the way this came about was that she found out when she was on holidays. A, she thought of beautiful bar, she did, she didn't drink, but she went to have a coffee, she loved the space and she started being re, re, creative again. So when I saw her when she came back and I asked for her vacation, she told me about this, this is, well, why don't you go and find, for our next session, the place for you'd like, like us to meet and have our coaching session that you would feel that the ideal place for creativity. _______Madison_______: Hmm.. _______Andrew_______: Well, 2 sessions after that, you didn't need to see me anymore. She realized her, being stuck state was a fact that, a being at home, wasn't, wasn't productive because, it's the same energy that she was being around all the time, better for speaking, and be, by being in different places that she found that she's drawn to that, that allowed her to be creative that had a sense of creativity, and had a different energy in there, allowed her, to access the different part of herself to bring that creativity about.

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