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The right time is when you start feeling doubt within


When is the right time? I think the right time is when you are in doubt. If you have a bit of a conflict in your mind and feel that you're not a 100% sure or not even 200% sure. And you have a slight fleeting doubt about something, anything. It could be something as simple as Should I follow up with the client right now?, Should I wait for three days?. And then you send them a follow up. Or where is the right time to talk to client about an up-sell. When is the right time for anything. Whenever you feel that there is doubt about what to do and you're not 100% certain, I think that's the time you should consult the advice of anyone and that anyone could be the person next to you, it could be your spouse, it could be your friend, it could be a work colleague, it could a few mentor, it could be anyone, it could even be a priest. It always helps to have a point second point of view. It always helps to have an objective. Sometimes remove point of view. And what that mean is taking the advice of someone who is completely disconnected from what you are doing. Maybe that person is not even in the same field as what you are doing. The reason why I think it makes sense to consult people like that is because what they will tell you is based on common sense. And I think sometimes common sense is the best sense and common sense is not that common. It is often lacking in people these days because we are so close to the trees that we missed the forest. And in doing so we often missed the most of these solutions. So that would be my advice on when to seek the help of a counselor or coach or anyone like that. I hope this helps all who are watching. Have a wonderful week ahead and God bless.

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