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Healthy two-way communication and reconciliation are very important


When I talk about the keys to a healthy relationship and maybe share it inside or to you that can make a difference. I do a lot of team building and organizations and somehow it seems that theres an easier proposition or maybe easy is not the word but a simple proposition to help teams to become more effective teams. Certainly a key to that is trust building and a key to trust building is really healthy two-way communication theres no secrets to that. I think, the insight perhaps is why does it seem to be more difficult to build relationships within our own families ? And what I found is that and Ill use the truthful example . My Son and I , I love him to death he loves me that we know. We have grandson in a picture and I also love Scotts wife as well, Kim, but theres a strange relationship that were working on. And I think for me the key is never give up but also be realistic in this case. I know all about reconciliation .I know its up to me to do my part but I also can become disappointed when I dont get my expectations met through my outreaches of love along the way . And I dont need to get in perhaps why is the relationship as it is because the truth of the matter is, I think its more important to focus on the the present than it is to focus on the past and in the future for that matter, although I like to focus on future in terms of hope and optimism. And so thats certainly is a secret to how do you build your relationship. Never give up on it if it means that much to you and if its worth it . But also recognize that reconciliation requires two parties and that one is more likely to be ready to reconcile ahead of the other . And thats the hard lesson for me, out of love for my son and closest we were many years ago but I dont have that kind of ability at least that seems to be working at this point in time. A life or we are the life we are headed and I think the key really comes down to never live the side of the door ,never live side of reality that it can happen one day but that that will require both parties to be willing to reconcile and so timing becomes of the essence. And what I mean by that, is dont force the timing. In my case, its hard as it is for me, Im attempting to love my son unconditionally, be there for him and understand hes at a different place from me at this important time in his journey . But that underneath it, I know that he too wants us to be closer again . So, never lose hope . Never lose sight of that vision and be aware that one person cannot make a relationship happen and strive for patience and resilience than optimism and I think it will be worth. And I think youll see and Ill see thats where were headed that better days are yet to come.

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