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Talk to your self and turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts


..tells all the time become developed and a pattern of negative self-talk. And you they may not be even aware of it. They think the worst thing, every second, become a second nature. They think its a bad thing when rain falls. They think its a bad thing when the sun shines. They think its a bad thing when its hot. They think its a bad thing when its cold. They feel anxious around everybody . People who are happy makes them nervous. People who are sad, I dont know. It becomes a self nature. It begins to {inaudible} everything around them. It begins to show and people tend to notice when you begin to talk negatively around some people. Some people know, they just stay away from you. It can {inaudible} how you live your life and keep you from getting the best out of life. It cut downs negative self-talk and anxiety. Cuts down good quality of life and relationships. Its not just in your head. If youve talked negatively for good length of time, it becomes second nature. This isnt just mind each other, each something that begins to have a life of its own. If you tell yourself that you are not going to make it in life, chances are, rather than get out and do things that will make you successful, because youve already convinced yourself that you will not make it, you wont put in the effort . If you tell yourself, you are not never going to be able to lose weights, chances are youll sit at home and eat and eat , feed your face and eat bugles that you shouldnt be eating and eat bags and bags of potato and stuff like that. If you tell yourself that life is going to be fair and everybodys going to hate you, guess what? Youre going to attract all the negative people. Everything everybody says will be wrong. How can people break up of this pattern? You need to to avoid the downward spur. You need to tell yourself, you actually need to tell yourself, call yourself to order every now and again. When you hear yourself . The thing is we do hear ourselves and seeing those kind of things. You need to cut yourself short when you begin negative things. You need to talk yourself out of it. Distance yourself from those kind of talks. Distract yourself even sometimes. Tell yourself, change the topic or when you find yourself talking like that or being anxious, tell yourself , Hey, youre going the wrong way again or something like that. Go call yourself get the negative thoughts. Call them to order. Begin to say positive things. Make negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Tell yourself {inaudible} if you find yourself saying things like, Oh Im no good at this. Im never going to make it. Well hear a lot of people say that, Im no good at all, no good at that. Tell yourself, I can get better at this.Listen, I can be every small step to whats the right pattern. Make a difference and then socialize. Find new friends. Go to local activities. Find the reasons to attend events . If you cant afford it, find cheap ones, free ones even. Some people find solace in praying. It makes them less anxious about certain things. So, do whatever it takes to make yourself happy and then go out and be happy.

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