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A deeper meaning of happiness discussed by an expert


Happiness, true happiness is not gained by indulging in temporary pleasure but by living a lifestyle that reflects once individual values I wrote a little book sometime called A New You A New Life and it identifies in conflict as the major caused of unhappiness with five goals for finding the way out of that unhappiness the way out is understanding and processing your own great issues, understanding the true meaning of forgiveness and implementing it integrating once since submission, purpose and meaning for life, self-empowerment and self-actualization easier said than done isnt? if you dont know how to process you grief issues you can find yourself holding on to that grief and having it colour your life and your thinking the little book A New You A New Life tells exactly how to process that grief and get on with your life without that what (inaudible) understanding the meaning of forgiveness and practicing it is also easier said than done, we have to let go of the sense of injustice, we have to let go of a sense thats someone has done something to us that we can never get over we have to get over any sense of anger or vengeance toward the one that we think has practiced that injustice who caught us and forgiveness does not mean put yourself in the position of having to experience that same thing over and over sometimes it means totally letting go to integrate one sense of mission, purpose and meaning for life is also explained fully in the book but the key to that is knowing your own spiritual paradigm if you dont know what that is then its very important that you will identify that for yourself not with someone else tell you is the spiritual goal or spiritual reality or what you and yourself believe it to be and then design a standard of ethics and morality that relate to your sense of spirituality and integrate that with your sense of mission, purpose and meaning for life, self-empowerment means simply to own yourself to own your choices and not let yourself be controlled by what other people think you should be doing the, the most certain way that we can find unhappiness is to try to live our lives for the approval of one or more people no one is going to approve or view every moment of the day you wont even approve of yourself every moment of every day but you can empower yourself to express your own sense of mission, purpose and meaning for life so actualization then is a result of practicing all of these things and then your free for having to work on it and simply live in a joyful, happy self-expression.

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