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Understanding the benefits of meditation and techinques


Well, First thing , you got to commit to something for you to work and I was just committing to something for a meditation technique for a month, at least, preferably two months, even three months before you go and try something else. Im gonna go over a couple of techniques that Ive learned. You have to be disciplined about it as well. Now, Ive learned two different meditation techniques that Im gonna address today. One is Transcendental meditation. Now, I suggest you start off with meditating Ten minutes twice a day at sunrise and sunset and then gradually increase to half an hour. The reason they say to meditate at sunrise and sunset is that they believe that during that time of day the energy is most beneficial for meditation and so you reap most benefits because of this and the atmosphere at that time of day. Now, another technique that Ive learned is the {inaudible } and they recommend I think four, three times a day for 20 minutes, three times a day, once when you get up, before you have breakfast and once before dinner and once before you go to sleep. Now, the reason I say 20 minutes is that they believe that the body goes through circadian rhythms and thats a natural 20-minute cycle that the body goes to this 20 minute cycle. So you have to meditate for at least 20 minutes in order to receive the benefits. They say that you shouldnt do it after you eat. You should do it before you eat rather than after because after youve eaten your body tend to be a bit sluggish and also after youve eaten , part of your body is engage in digesting food and because your mind and your body are interconnected, part of your mind therefore is also engage in digesting food and so you want to reap the 100% benefit of meditation because part of it is engage as we eat. Another thing nice is doing it before you go to sleep and the reason I suggest that is because they believe that your sleep will be {inaudible} and restful as you meditate just before you go to bed. One of the things, one of the introductory which helps is that 20 minutes of meditation gets you to a state that is twice as deep as the deepest state that you achieved after 6 hours of sleep. So that shows you how powerful meditation can be . And {inaudible} on meditation, the benefits is far out way the losses. The time that you spend meditating should be made up during the day because you will probably not need to sleep as long because your sleep will be more and will be more restful and youll feel much more energized and youll probably will say, make a time through clear decisions, having a clear mind, just helps you operate more efficiently and effectively, you make quicker decisions, clear decisions and you have increased to have benefits. Normally, the human mind and whats called the waking state which is our normal state of functioning because it goes to up to a hundred thousands thoughts a day even more and the effect that it has on your body is a lot of stress. Now, Being able to stand back from them helps to realize that there are a lot of efforts actually not really saving us. Now when you look at an EEG, the normal waking state of a human , the EEG is like this where it is hooked somewhere else. Through EEG or brain scan and when theyre meditating, they have concentric waves which shows that theyre lifting hemisphere of the brain, brain waves and balance which again is another benefit from meditation. So many benefits.

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