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Healing can be achieved in an instant


I want to address a few things and (inaudible) how much time I have in terms of how much I can addressed. Firstly, the nation that you it needs to take many years to heal affection or some terrible disease I saw in a workshop in much re-connective healing which is the first that I would do and I saw 2 people come (inaudible) miraculous healing experiences for them an instant I was there and I witness that, there is one lady who are wasnt able to lift her one of her arms above her head so this arms are stuck at say nine oclock and she wasnt able to lift it any higher than that and it being stuck like that for 20 years. Dr. Eric Pearl came and did some re-connective healing on her for less than a minute outside maybe or about the (inaudible)where is it how long did that (inaudible) less than 5 minutes (inaudible) amount of time and by the end of that she was able to lift her arms up to her head within an instant and she hasnt been able to do that for 20 years, when I was learning the actual technique there was a lady who came to the course there some head epilepsy and she had some (inaudible) having up to 20 epileptic seizures per day and Eric (inaudible) re-connective healing session on her son and the next day he didnt have any epileptic seizures and that never happen before they normally she he was having 20 epileptic seizures per day. Now, they couldve just been plants aspires and that certainly there's something about re-connective healing that I have find is wicked, one of the facts that I like about is this that when you use this have this thing called registers so when you do it on someone you start to notice registers in their body which shows you that the their signs that show that dont know that signs that happen that dont normally happen when someone is going about their normally (inaudible) there are things that happen that show you that you are interacting with this energy and that you're interacting with that person so this is something kind of proof that there's something happening and often a patient will have repent eye movement which is something that you experience in a very big state of risk and that could be a register that shows that, that this patient is experiencing some sort of connection with the energy and start healing because thats when healing occurs in the deepest state of sleep and method eye movement sleep is this stage of sleep occurs yeah here we go thats all I can addressed for now in this video.

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