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Tips on how to make yourself feel good and be more confident


I get quite a lot of people coming to me saying that, you know, "I don't feel good about myself," "I don't think other people feel good about me," "I really lack a lot of confidence." One of the things that cause [inaudible] is that everybody at some stage of their life has this feeling that they're not happy in their life, they're not happy in themselves. What you have to do is just stand back and take a couple of steps back and just think about what your life is and figure out first of all why are you not happy, why do you feel a lack of confidence in yourself. I would suggest that you get a pen and write down anything that comes to mind. Why I don't feel happy about myself? Is it because of my looks? Is it because of my weight? Is it because of the job that I have? Is it because I don't think I'm very intelligent? Is it because I don't think I'm very good at sports? I don't interact well with people. Write all these down and then go through them one by one. And you'll actually find out that you have more confidence than you really think about. So it all comes back and look at yourself and you can do this looking into a mirror. And just take five minutes each day and just look into the mirror and go, "I have confidence that I'm good looking. I have confidence that I am fit. I have confidence that I am knowledgeable. I have confidence in the way I dress. I am very confident in the way people see me. And I am confident with my life as a whole." And when you start to see things come up like you have confidence when you're meeting people, you may be shy or stuff like that, just re-assess before you approach the person and before you shake hands or talk to him. Then I feel really good and I feel really good in myself. There is nothing today that is going to destroy how I feel about myself. And when you keep repeating by yourself, the universe has a strange way of bringing things to you and what you'll actually find out is that you'll start [inaudible] when people are saying, "I think you look wonderful today!" or "Have you lost weight?" Are you really know a lot about a certain subject? And you'll find other people start to ask you. When you send this message out, we [inaudible]. We come to believe them. And what we believe comes true for us what we believe and it becomes [inaudible]. On the other hand, every time you say, "I don't!" The universe does exactly that for us and it goes and looks for things that will [inaudible] and [inaudible]. Let me give you an example, for instance, you get up in the morning, you stubbed your toe getting out of bed and you go, "Oh! This is really going to be bad day! This is a bloody terrible day!" Straight on to you've already set [inaudible] that says this is a terrible day. So the universe will come back to you and say, "Fair enough. It is a terrible day. But you know what, I've got loads more to you if that's what you're looking for." So, you can [inaudible] as you make a cup of tea and the cup slips out of your hand and that breaks and you're on your way out to go to work and you drop your cellphone and you damaged it, and it rolled on for a little [inaudible]. And this is something you can try and it's very easy to try and get up in the morning try to have a bad day you will have a bad day. On the other hand, if you get up in the morning, same scenario, you stubbed your toe and you go, "Hmmph! That's [inaudible]. No damage done. I'm going to have a nice cup of tea. Have to read my newspaper before I head off to work. And give myself some breakfast. It's going to be a wonderful day." And you'll finally turn on the radio and you hear a song that you really like and it spirals some air so you'd want to [inaudible] and your day just gets better and better and better because you've said to the universe, "I'm having a fantastic day!" And the universe responds in the only way it can and says, "You sure are! But you know what? I've got more for you! So, fantastic is what you're looking for? Fantastic is what you're going to get." And those are two things that you can try and prove at. You're in control of how you feel [inaudible]. There is no one who can put you down, only yourself. There is nobody who can tell you, "You don't look good!" Only yourself. And by that, I mean you are the only person who can accept the answer [inaudible]. So no matter even when someone says, "You look terribly dressed today!" or "You look like you put on weight," you don't have to accept that answer and you just say, "I look fantastic today! I always look fantastic!" And that would be my advice and that's for the moment.

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