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Three quick and simple things that you can do to feel better about yourself


Alright, here are the three quick and simple things that people can do to feel better about themselves. First is if you're [inaudible] stop feeling bad about yourself. When you feel bad about yourself, you're taking up brain space and energy that you could be using to feel better about yourself, obviously. So how do you stop feeling bad about yourself? Try to interrupt those tapes that keep playing in your head that say you're an awful person or that you've made a mistake and anytime you hear that tape playing or you just stop it in its tracks and replace it with something positive. If you can, think something good about yourself in your head. If you're not ready for that yet, then just fill it with something else positive like, "I like sunny days," or "I love my cat." The second thing that somebody can do to feel better about themselves is if you're spiritual, pray because if you believe in that kind and loving God or gods then you've already got somebody whose on your side and who'll love you no matter what. If you're not the praying type then you can just meditate and allow the good positive things in the universe to come to you instead of feeling like you might be under attack or that things aren't going your way. And the third thing you can do to feel better about yourself is to do good things for others. Take up a volunteer job or you know do something, a random act of kindness, for somebody in your life that you'll know will get you a little bit of gratitude. And the more that you do that, then the more that others will reflect the goodness in you back to you.

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