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God is always there to listen to all our problems


What is the mattered to you thats change and unique? What is it with all the strange, every questions seems to have a strange in it. Okay so, well my belief is that Im a son of god and I am maintained and kept by god I feel that Im in good hands, I am always taken care of and that god will never perceive me I dont know if this belief is either strange or unique well it's my belief I, another, well I would say attitude or approach that I have is what can I do different today, I think thats something that can really transform anybodys life being constantly willing to learn, constantly willing to move, to change, to adopt, to improve, to upgrade I think you know an interesting Im allowed you that I like to share with you is that over shock I dont know if you know this but the shock is a creature thats always moving and why, because the moment it stops moving it actually stops breathing so it actually has to move to breathe to live so, you know being like a shock and I mean in a very literal sense not in the you know vicious carnivore predator sense I dont mean it in that sense I mean it in this sense the sense of it's a creature that constantly needs to move to live to survive so I think being like a shock is something that can truly help you because you will be a agile your mind will be agile you will be nimble youll be able to take decisions quick youll be able to take you'll be able to process information quick you'll be able to understand things quickly you'll be able to see opportunity that does not exist or see opportunity that others cannot see for whatever reason so, being sort of belief of what can I do different today is something that I think can really benefit on anyone and it this is something that is my original idea something that I got from one of the semia officers at Cadburys, Cadburys is a whole wide chocolate company thats based in the UK theyll pretty use on here in the US through license from Hersheys anyway so thats just you know thats where I got it from and thats something that I used and I hope this helps you. Take care and god bless.

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