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We ought to have a little more idealism in the world


I just happened to be an idealist to the poor which a lot of my peers are not comfortable with . I feel that, you have to be more real than ideal . And I happened to believe that some of the biggest thinkers, the most distinguished people in the world, the inventors, or the ones that really worth, the ones that spearheaded a lot of movements, the crusaders really had strong ideals. They, for example, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, even Jesus Christ. All had lofty ideals ,okay. And we're so totally caught up in that ideal world, in their imagination, that people couldnt resist that . You know, it's like magic that you spread out there . So, I feel that we ought to have a little more idealism in the world . And I'm not suggesting that we should not be reality based . I am not saying that we are {inaudible} thinking is wrong. I just feel that we ought to be a little more attuned to ideals. Ideals are the ones that really bring value to your work , making for who you are.

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