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Three kinds of counseling and knowing when to seek it


Alright, my name is Bruce Wade. I'm an Entrepreneur Coach. The question is, how do we know when is the right time to seek the support counselors, coaches, and psychiatrists and other healers? Well, simple. I reckon that anybody needs a coach. Everybody needs a mentor and everybody needs a counselor. And I just want to separate the three [inaudible] is that counselors deal with the past issues, mentoring deals with the now today issues, and coaches deal with tomorrow. So it's very important to be able to know who to seek out when you're facing issues. If you've got issues coming from a childhood yesterday, issues that can be good or bad and traumatic or good, but ultimately its finding people to unpack those for you, helping you understand the reasoning behind some of these issues and then more importantly to extract that learning and to readjust your life to handle that issue again in part. That's counseling. If we look at mentoring, mentoring is now today. Mentoring is seeking out people who have traveled the path down which we wish to travel. And finding out where we're at now today and then looking at mentors. I highly recommend that everybody has at least one mentor in their life in any one stage. We should ultimately have a couple up to four looking at the different aspects of our life that mentoring is key that's where we're going now. Where coaching handles the future. Coaching is all about futuristic. It's about helicopter views of our life and it's looking at the strategy of what we need to do now to ensure that the future we seek comes into being. And its really key and clear that as we look at those three different aspects, we need that you don't have to be mentally ill to just see somebody to ultimately find things and seek help there. And on that is that a lot of this advice we could actually get from our friends if we were able to trust and care for and communicate with our friends without any hidden agendas and risk too eager why people need that outside help is mostly because these folks like ourselves have been trying specifically with the tools and techniques to raise the red flag and highlight certain issues and then to help unpack that without the risk of insecurity and the risk to oneself for our clients. So, looking at a safe place, a key place to move forward, held our past and move forward and to plan for the future that we need. And I highly recommend that everybody, especially in small business, seek the help of counseling coaches, and mentors going into their future.

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