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If you want to live a bit longer then be a little bit healthy


Those of you who are easily frightened, I apologize in advance youre probably wondering how I{inaudible} being healthy, whatever but heres a small picture of me and my good lady wife in New York and I think you might agree, there was a little bit of a change in me . I was nearly {inaudible} and really heading for an{inaudible} . {inaudible} , Ill be 50 but it was 23 years ago at a friends funeral, I sat and I couldnt get a shirt to wear. {inaudible} I sat while his son, he twenty one, played the guitar and played Tears in Heaven in the church. And what it got me to thinking was Ive been privileged to have children in later life and my son had just been born in April. I suddenly thinking, hes, Im not going to see him at twenty one if I continue the way that I am. It put my heart. How selfish are you? So, I started. I still have some to go but if you can from that image, I have come a considerable distance in just 2 year mark. All I teach you this, a healthy person has a healthy mind and in general is going to live longer. Theres always exceptions to rules, but being healthier and being more active is just becoming a way of life for me now which I got to be honest, I never thought I would destined to be Mr. Fat Guy and I started changing it for my children, two wonderful girls and a son and I love them the best and actually, I want to spend all my time with them. And here are the other benefits, I could never sit in an airplane seat without having to ask and get embarrassed for an extension belt. I can to that now. I can get the table done not that I want to eat airline food but I could if wanted to now. And it feels {inaudible} that been fantastic. And the one thing that I have discovered is I dont have to get to the gym. I dont have to get on a program. I dont have to buy all sorts of {inaudible} wonderful things. I actually just need to go eight in the morning and walk .Walking on a regular basis, it gives time to think. Ive seen places that Ive havent seen to my shame on my doorstep. And Im sorry to do relate much more. And the girls and my son, we go shooting. I would never have done a few years back and I just actually love them. I want to be with them as long as I can. So, if you want to live a bit longer then be a little bit healthy. And by the way, Im not a guru; Im not here to give, You should these. You should do that. Im just saying, think about the consequences of your current lifestyle and then think of reasons why you really want to live longer. Because its a shame that it took a death of a very good friend of mine for me to wake up to that but I thank him for that and hopefully, this might just help you change your mind. Thank you.

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