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Imbalance in the immune system and its desire to be in a natural state


'--------Adam Adams-------- everything affects everything else. And so when I'm working, let's say hypothetically I'm working with a person rather than going and say, in the ppapathetic??]] Medical model symptom A= disease B = treatment C and treatment C is usually a drug of some kind or a surgery. What I tend to do is I try and uncover what elements of the are the person are telling me about their life may have precipitated an imbalance in the immune system and through a variety of release techniques like EFT, tapping, regression therapy some cases past life regression therapy, reframing of life contacts all kinds of things were able to root out cause and then introduce a newer sense of balance, and when the immune system is able to get back to that point of balance, healing occurs naturally. The body's natural tendency is towards healing and a mind's due to a lot of scent.

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