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Change your faults into a virtue


Its important to understand, we always have a choice of how we respond to and deal with fear. You can even care into it, you can struggle with it, you can accept it or {inaudible} but its always a choice. Now, of course , its a natural fear if youre in place of danger. Of course, thats gonna be real. However, most of the fear that we create in our lives or surround us are from our thoughts. False events appearing real. Based on the belief system that weve created from our history. We create our own fears. So of the things I suggest you do is is to stop with your thoughts. Spend some time writing down everything youre afraid of. Take a quiet moment and just jot it down within a minute, no judging it. Just write it down and then think about what you actually started to share, the voices about fear. That youre not good enough. That youll never gonna make it. Youre a failure. Often these are stories or things youd been told as youre growing up that have created fears in your life. So, its important to look at the situation when you find fear coming up and around you.That it is really true in this moment in time, you have to step back from yourself. One of the first things I suggest you do is take a deep breath. Put your hand on your heart or your fist on your heart, brings you out of your head , back into your body. First of all, ask yourself, am I breathing? Because more than likely, youre not. We dont breath when were on fear. We stop breathing and that edge to an anxious behavior because our body goes, Oh, Holy cow, I cant breath. But of course , youre not hearing it, youre just feeling extremely anxious. So, stop. Take a deep breath.Count to ten and calm yourself down that way firstly. Then , ask yourself, what am I afraid of in this moment? Is it really true? Or is it a belief system I have from my past? Second thing I can think that you can actually start looking at is if youre anxious and youre not sure why youre anxious. Your body is anxious all the time. Consider looking outside and find a professional to help you with your anxiety to get to the core issue of what it really is. Because sometimes we have a place in us that we can not get to without the help of a professional . Our ego and self to keep us stuck. So, for example, maybe youre a kid, 8 years old and youre in a {inaudible }with your mom in the car. Youre ok, nothing happened but our minds and our body are able to store memories as we grow up thats why we have memory cells. So what happened that day is that you had to spend { inaudible} and next to the car when you got up, you saw yellow daffodils. You stores memory somewhere in your body. So, everytime you walk by daffodils, your body tenses and you feel anxious and youre not sure why. So, seeking the help of somebody to get to the core issue of why youre in fear is extremely helpful. Another thing, I can suggest you to do is in order to deal with your fear and accept it, make frames with it rather than push it away because its not gonna go away. Uncover or get to close to an idea or your beliefs system of why youre afraid and them change yours faults into a virtue. So for example, if you keep saying to yourself that youre not good enough, we create a reality around us. So if youre not good enough, you start to believe youre not good enough and then you behave as if youre not good enough and then you attract people around you to treat you as if youre not good enough and so the cycle has continues. So to break that cycle, what Id recommend you do is to change your fault into a virtue. Find the mantras around being good enough. Positive affirmations because the brain does have the capacity to create new neuro pathways. The work of Bruce Lipton proves this and as they do more research on the brain, more information will come out, about the ability of the brain to create different full patterns.

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