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Thoughts to consider to make a positive change in the workplace


Beside difficult it could leave you in a space where you just seem the whole world is against you. And at some point when you say stop, what's in it for me? Now for some of us we have to stop, think and actually make positive change and that often needs changing the job or the professional life. But for others, the pull of a salary or that recurring can be so strong that I don't know how to replace it and then you've got to say, well, "can I make some positive choices around this situation I don't enjoy to make it better for me? Can I think, well, I'm in this job for the salary and therefore that's my reason for doing it. What can I do to influence the things around me to make this enjoyable?" It's really difficult to change other people. You can't really influence them. It's like getting married. You know, you expect someone else to change but that's not gonna happen. But once again, if you're in a situation you don't like, you have to make a positive choice to like it. You have to take ownership for the choices that have led you to that space and you have to be responsible for that. So, you may not like where you are right now but try to look at it in terms of what it gives you and what it enables you to do and then make a plan to change.

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