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There is no specific time to seek for help


My next question is, when do you know its the right time to seek the support of a counselor or coach or psychologist an astropsychologist, astrologist and many other? In fact there is no time. The time will be , falls upon you when you start to { inaudible} or { inaudible}. Let me tell you something, currently, we have this Scorpius Draconus energy which is claimed in the world thru the mass. Through my software, I realized this energy has been tied in the world since August 2nd and will be with the world until February 2014. This energy { inaudible}. So, anything that is secret, anything that is bitter { inaudible}will be attracted to you, anything that means death, anything that is hidden, anything that is under the blanket , this cosmic energy wants it to bring rebel and enunciate the tremendous interest that the media is now offering people, like me. You know, to give them the access, this Scorpius Draconus regulates also the police force, NBI, the CIA and in my predictions, again, if you go to you can read the 2012 or 2013 set of predictions that I made involving the restrictions of the FBI and then they {inaudible} to {inaudible} things and God knows what its all there in my website. So, what Im trying to tell you, this Scorpius energy maybe affecting you on the sub-conscious level and goodluck to you because this is where people literally become schizophrenic, the {inaudible} dementia and of course sad enough, our traditionally educated psychologist, once you help, thats what they have in mind can only prescribe drugs that, you know, makes the situation much worst in the long run and end up in suicide. I also foresaw absorption suicide and sad enough in the army and in the navy, they can not even comprehend the amount of case that kill themselves with their army gun. So, we are talking about an incredible time, were probably the most powerful planet that is in-charge of the world. Sad enough , let me bring you that in, a few years ago, bunch of educated astronomers who dont have cosmic consciousness removed {inaudible} from the celestial family and they brought it down to the planet which have to be, I believe is the brain of those people which is {inaudible} not planets. So, {inaudible} somehow is taking its revenge because even though that its the fastest and the smallest planet of all, it happens to be the most powerful planet of all and humanity is now realizing, getting the {inaudible) . Science is getting a {inaudible) of what is energy is all about and it is this people like me, where {inaudible) and again, Im not saying this in an egocentric point of view. Im saying this in terms of being educated in the cosmic cosmic {inaudible) prediction that they will be able to catch up with that. Now, Most of all, Im sure you {inaudible) will be in crabby and as you know every farmer use a lunar calendar, a calendar that is used to actually enunciate the {inaudible) for their crops. These farmers are {inaudible). When {inaudible) I forget things. So, understand that you {inaudible) in a very very sensitive emotional {inaudible). Shes making {inaudible) or God knows what, you are going to feel moody, crabby and depressed as soon as you put your feet on the ground. Ok, So, this is when you are going to have a nap or maybe you know, the meditations youre taking are knocking you out. Theyre making you sleep always. You know, {inaudible) put this {inaudible) results of what youre expecting. So, you have to look for a different avenue and this is where the doors are open to people like that, the {inaudible), ok? So, this is not exactly a specific time to seek, the time will seek you to look for me. So, what Im trying to say. So, the quicker you {inaudible)people, I know, again, Im not a psychic even though that I dont deny the psychic power. Im more critical and more of a scientist and if ever a scientist is watching me right now, what Im trying to tell you is, I use this software, I am not {inaudible). I do have some grounding, I have an explanation, its so scientific and if you Google Dr Turi, {inaudible), Ive been around since 1991. So, Ive been teaching the hell of scientists and all that and this why my site have shows a lot of graduate students studying {inaudible) Dr Turi's teachings. Be curious and understand again that humanity is at the verge of.

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