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The secret to healthy relationships


Hello my friends, Greg Clowminzer's here and this video will talk about some secrets to healthy relationships that most people are sadly unaware of. So, one of the things that I would advise the couples, people looking to be in a healthy relationship is to take sometime and make a list of the top ten deal breakers for you in a relationship. So one of the things that, if someone said or did or you found out about would be a deal breaker for you. And then share those with your potential partners and discuss those, actually have them do this as well. Lot of times would happen is if people hear you are in a relationship and the deal breakers are never talked about, they are always there but they never really spoke it about, they actually avoid it. So get those out, you know a lot of times it's also tough advise talking about the tough issues about money, sex, your belief systems, religion, ideal family, and children. So those are kind of the tough conversations, the loader conversations, that bring up a lot for people, you know, it's really really important to talk about all those and sometimes ? my experience are many people are really quipped to have those conversations by themselves because they're so heated and so loaded, so use of a counselor or therapist or a coach can help really. The quipped to you with these skills to talk about these sensitive subjects but nonetheless is that in a really desecrator* having those conversations up of their relationship are not willing for them to get stuck on like landmines that kind of a exploding your face. Obviously, communication is the most important function in any relationship. I think communications is by going to the gym if you go once a month doesn't really work, but if you go on a regular basis and consistent is much better. Communications are the same way. Keep the communication lines open, make it safe for your partner to say anything they need to say and vice versa meaning make them feel safe really communicating a deepest truth of who you are and what's important to you. Alright, it's Greg Clowminzer's here, hope you found this helpful and if I can be of service in anyway, feel free to reach out to me. Thanks for watching.

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