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On hypnosis


Id been a Hypnotherapist for almost 15 years now and I know how much hypnosis can help us in call levels, in all areas in our life. Hypnosis has a lot of bad { inaudible} especially from those hypnotic shows that we see sometimes see for entertained but you need to start letting go of some of those notions that you lose control or is some way give up on your own will and different things of the sort. Its really a matter of really seeing the benefits of hypnosis and those are immense. I use the most effect, when I ask sometimes regular therapists, psycho-therapists that learned and integrate hypnosis into their life especially sometimes after they see me and realized that wow, I have just saved, and I hear that often. I saved twenty maybe thirty sessions by doing a one or two sessions of hypnosis to get to the deep root cause of things, to really understand and release deeper held emotions, problems and deeper understanding that people need to do and integrate it into themselves in order to progress and grow in your life in every way. I use hypnosis in almost every possible way. I see almost no reason why not to use it. It is something that is helpful in every possible way for confidence, improving self-esteem. So, its a matter of personal growth, theres no end to it. If you like information doing it under that wonderful sensation of being in that state which is basically a deep meditative state. Its a very similar state and its simply in my opinion, hypnosis is the Western more systemized way of getting to that deeper meditative states. It really all it is. And in most therapeutic sessions, you will remember everything especially if you ask for it to remember everything that you experienced. You will know everything is happening. Youll be extremely relaxed, at ease and feeling fantastic with yourself. Everybody at { inaudible} they will come to me and ok within half an hour, you will feel absolutely amazing and thats great. Everybody goes for it and when they do when they get..they come up and they say like, Wow, that was absolutely amazing. When can I come back again? So, it really is a matter of applying it to every area in your life. I applied it to stress management. I applied it to dealing with anxieties phobias. Taking away addictions of all sorts. Now, I dont guarantee getting rid of all diseases but you can definitely let go of a lot of the things that cause it, a lot of symptoms such as stress tension and learning how to let go of the way you are holding on to things, holding on to emotions and suppressing some of the things. To let go and release those things out of you, you will feel so much lighter and bring yourself to a better way of perceiving yourself. I do a lot of workshops and classes on healthier lifestyle, moving from reducing your weight and really embracing exercise motivation knowing all those sort in a way that it really is have amazing benefits, amazing results as well. So the effectiveness is quite surprising in how good it does. Its not a magic pill though. You have to remember, it is not a fix, a quick fix. Some people come to me, lie down on my wonderful comfortable couch and they say, Fix me. And this is something that I want you to make sure, you are not going in with that attitude. It is not a quick fix. You need to really want to change and to bring that change into your life. Your { inaudible} is a wonderful way to reach deeper within but it is not something that will make you not want to do something. It will make you do or do not things. It is not a magic pill. If there was an existing something like that, believe me, I would have done it long time ago. It is so a way to really bringing the best within you and do the most that you can do with your life in every aspect. I apply to all levels within yourself whether to change something on a physical level such as weight loss, better exercise, removing pain. On the emotional level, great release and personal growth. On the mental level, letting go of a lot of unpleasant things, negative thoughts, negative matters in your life. And also on Spiritual level and doing a lot of wonderful techniques and abilities to experience yourself on highest level possible on { inaudible} level. You try it. Use it. It is a beautiful thing. I love doing it. I love to see the reaction every time someone experiences it. You got to try it.

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