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Surround yourself with people you love


(Inaudible) Carmel Hotai Cochrane answering the question what are some quick and simple things someone can do to feel better about themselves? For me the number one on the list is laughter, so that would be training in to a comedian that I particularly like and just enjoying watching the show and or you know just simply my even be a TV program like it's just a quick instant hit. The second thing for me is music and I have different songs that I used if I need to get myself moving when I just don't really feel like moving, if I'm feeling really low, you know I've got some really amazing thing songs that I take pleasure and for me those are the two fastest ways to move my mood really quickly and help me feel better about themselves and obviously friends you now, people that I enjoy hanging out with that make me feel great and you know good company and that's all I'm going to say today, thank you.

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