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What makes people happy


______Petrea King____ I think what makes people truly happy is living a meaningful life. A life where they feel that they've made a contribution that was uniquely theirs to make, and where they can look back at their life feeling like "I've lived the life that I came here to live". And of course there are so many of us are so preoccupied with the getting more stuffs believing that stuff makes us happy. And we spend endless hours in the accumulating of stuff. And of course then you have to dust the stuff, and the stuff wears out and you need to get new stuff, and everyone stuffing in the latest color and the latest model, and of course none, none of the cords from the new stuff fit the old stuff until a poor old planet is pretty much stuff, and so once we realized that happiness is never going to be found in the stuff. And if it's really about our relationships and how spend our time and the quality of our being in relationships that's what gives us meaning in life, and that's what gives us the contentment um, and that feeling that we've contributed in a way that we came here to be of service to creations, in a way that uniquely yours.

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