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The story of finding the true happiness


Hi! Greg Clowminzer here. And in this video I'm going to attempt to talk about a very big subject or conversation around happiness. Like what is the source of true happiness? Or what makes people happy? So anyways, this will be my attempt to speak to that. You know, there's a really great story that I once heard and it talks about this man in a village. Very rich man in a village that put all of his prize belongings into a bag and carry it over his shoulder. He went into the village or the town and he was very unhappy even with all these riches. And there was a point in his life where he was really clear that he's willing to give away all of his prize possession, all of his wealth to anyone who could find his happiness. So he went to the town and asked and asked around and nobody in the town could tell him how to find his happiness or how to become truly happy. And then he came across one person who said You know there is one person who can help you find what you're looking for. And his name is Nazruden. And he lives out beyond the city limits. And you'll most likely find him meditating under the tree and I believe he can help you. And so this man took all of his wealth, all of his riches from his shoulders. And started to leave the city limits who's on his way out to find Nazruden. Nazruden was very sharp and wise and [sache]. He was very very intuitive and he anticipated this man approaching him. As the man came up upon the legendary tree that Nazruden would sit under, the man could not find Nazruden. Nazruden with his mad wisdom, railed up behind the man and stole his bag of riches and ran into town. And the man was just completely beside himself chasing Nazruden and says This man stolen my wealth and all of my riches. And his running through. Nazruden was playing a game and the man was chasing him all through town. And then Nazruden runs back out through town back to this tree. And the man chases him back out there. What happens is this man who says You stole all of my riches. What am I going to do? I'm so sad. I'm so miserable. Please, please what can you do? So Nazruden gives him his bag back. And gives him his bag and riches. He gives him what he already have back. And the man lights up with joy and happiness. So the moral of the story really is that happiness is being strip at everything that you have and then giving it back. Whether it's your health, relationship, your stuff. Just imagine that you've lost it all and suddenly you got it all back. I just love that story. I love that story. So sages from history have summarized to this: If you want to be happy, love what you have, not what you don't have. So I'll leave you with that. Practice wanting what you have, not what you don't have if you want to be happy. Alright, this is Greg Clowminzer. I hope you enjoyed this. And I wish you the best. Thank you.

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