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Do things that makes you happy


Hi my name is Glyn MacLean from New Zealand I'm going to talk about some of the quick and simple things you can do to feel better about yourself but more specifically I'm going to talk about a depression, it's something that I've experience in my life time and frankly it's something that you'll, unfortunately a lot of people experience and maybe something that your experiencing or you might just feel really down either way there are some simple things that we can do to deal with either real clinical depression or other feeling of depression that we just making any progress in our lives so look at the three stages the number one is getting a foundation to build on and we do it by ensuring that we have really good diet, exercise and sleep you know, whatever position you are in the moment doesnt really matter it's about making in incremental improvement through that a little bit every day and not trying to do one big thing so if you can do a little bit of diet improvement, a little bit of exercise improvement at some person it might mean hey look and see the unfortunate TV on the sofa but you seat on the floor and just you know stretch a little bit just do stretching and actually get enough sleep so this will stop depression from controlling you it will help you to fortify yourself and partake yourself it's a foundation that you can build the rest of your household which is your life, the second thing is to get some physical power and control you do this by controlling your emotions so the things look at is that what are the emotions that are coming out again and again and what are the things that are causing those emotions to come up again and again so, emotions appear to us as being real but the brain cap (inaudible) from reality so what happens is an emotion will bring back your memory and it will apply that memory back is if it's happen right now in real life and what's happening right now in real life but your brain cap differentiate and the for if it was a bad memory or bad experience you keep on reprocessing that memory the same old way to get the same old outcomes what you're going to do is reprocess that memory and interpreted that at different kind of way so think of your brains a bit like a computer and then as we speaks and if you can reprocess or fixed the glitch in that program around that memory and either they give yourself or somebody else around that memory that will help you to control your emotions and (inaudible) that might be you know, control you right now so is it out you really want to be in control of your emotions and not having them control you so it's becoming adult which is getting in to that rational logical path of life where you can go hey, that's our memory (inaudible) it's not real, it's not happening right now this is who I am, it's a future of you and who I want to be I'm doing something about at getting some personal power bank to control that and I'm going to do something just a little bit different (inaudible) I'm going to react a little bit different around that so memories can rule your emotion don't let those emotions rule you when you need emotional comfort that's(inaudible) same old things you sorted then that might be a medicinal you know, seek out something else you know, seek out something positive and try supplements and new behaviour with the old, for the old behaviour just something a little bit different just one thing a little bit different and when you feel emotional child like need then seek a new children or other people but try and just think it though a little bit and think about if it wasnt relationship problem with a mother or a father you know, don't (inaudible) or your children because you might solved that memory problem there you've got to think it through. The third thing is not (inaudible) purpose you know what are the things that really make you happy, think about helping other, sharing your knowledge or the things that bring you joy and try a little bit of that every day and I'm sure that in time you'll feel a whole lot better.

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