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Types of meditation


________JJ Thiret__________ How much yoga posing do you do versus meditation? And, in the meditation, how do you get the intrusive thoughts out? ________Umang Goel_________ You are asking me to tell you the techniques of meditation practice which is going to be difficult right here, but what I will tell you is that yoga posture, when you are in a yoga posture, it is like meditation. That's why I explain to my students here, "If you are sitting here in your room..." And, in my yoga studio, there are windows, and beyond the windows, all you can see is trees. If I am just sitting down and looking at the trees and no thoughts are in my mind except how beautiful the leaves are, and you're just watching the leaves, you're just watching nature, that is meditation. It's called visual meditation. When you put on your headphones and you are listening to music, and your eyes are close, and you're zoned out, all you can think about how much that music is creating so much beautiful vibrations and that's all you think about, you can't think about anything else, that is sound meditation. ________JJ Thiret__________ Ah! And, that's great that you've explained that because for me, until now, I always thought meditation was I have to have my hands in this kind of position, sitting with my legs crossed, so, for me, that's very uncomfortable to sit even though I did martial art and could do the splits, but it's uncomfortable, and sit there and think of nothing. ________Umang Goel_________ That's a false way of looking at meditation. So, these are the meditations that I said. There's so many different kinds. When you are walking in nature, that's walking meditation. When you are reading in your garden and all you're doing is reading, that's meditation. But, those are external forms of being meditated. You are taking an external factor, an external force to bring your thoughts to that one aspect, right? The good thing would be, how beautiful it would be if I could be, no matter where, in a crowded room or in a taekwondo studio like I have been with my children many times, and there's so much noise there, and yet close my eyes and go inside.

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