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The mind-body connection wanting the same


Not only is there a mind, body connection but actually the mind and body are actually wanting the same you know, weve never been able to locate you know, where is the mind? The mind is not located, its not in the brain, its not anywhere, its just everywhere you know, our mind is, is part of our body its, its a total connection. I think science has, has actually proven this its I mean, and its we all know that the most things that manifest our in our physical body good or bad or disease it begins in our mental, emotional state so, our body, our mind is really driving what happens in our body which effects again its wanting the same thing so its not question how you think and what youre thinking about and what youre feeling is has a huge connection on, on how well your bodys going to feel and how healthy youre going to be. So, its so important to realize that you need to get control of your mind and your body and take the best care of both of them if you, if you really want to but be completely happy and successful and, and healthy so the mind-body connection is its a total connection the mind and body are actually wanting the same.

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