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Make the changes in your life and let someone help you make those changes


Do you sometimes feel stuck? Unable to see the path ahead of you? Not sure what actually did you take or perhaps you tried a lot of actions and they havent worked for you? One of the biggest challenges that a lot of us face is that, we dont know what we dont know. We dont have the opportunity to know or to see if we havent experienced it or were not given the opportunity to see it and sometimes we can see it but we dont know the steps we need to take to pursue it. Often what we need is someone to give us just something. It could be support or push. It could be information that we dont have access to. It could be insights that were blocking ourselves in seeing and then help us execute those. There are different kinds of coaches or different kinds of psychologists and counselors or different kinds of people who can help you with different stages in your journey. I remember working with someone one day who thought she had a path in mind and yet, she wasnt able to take the steps and she was having {inaudible)over them and she came to see me because she was stuck. And I explore with her the options that she was considering. As I talk to her, I wonder if she was perhaps missing some of her options. So, I presented her with new information. I didnt tell her what to do. I gave her new information and she said, I didnt know that was a path. I didnt know that option existed. And as she explore that option more, shes able to come and see, thats why she havent been able to fully engage in the first option. She had a limited range of information that stopped her from making a decision that fit {inaudible} with her. Other people Ive worked with, they needed help with pursuing, following through, accountability. They knew what to do but they didnt have the emotional strength or the support in their lives that gave them the belief they can do it.There were many different reasons and many different paths that people can take. And often, that lack of self-awareness, the lack fo the skills and the lack of the confidence, holds people back. If you feel that you are being held back, if you cant see a clear path, if you feel that you are overwhelmed with doubts or stress or you cant see what options might be there or you are not sure how to take the path, its worth looking and seeing, are there people, perhaps you put in your life, friends, family. Put up an objective person. That person in your life who can say, Have you thought of this before? I think you can do this. I can help you plan how to do this. Sometimes, I often see people, we can only change ourselves but it doesnt mean we always have to do it alone. It doesnt mean that we dont get stuck. We dont need someone to put our hand out and help pull us up or somebody and give us that boost or stand beside us and share us on. If youre feeling stuck or overwhelmed or you dont know what to do next or youve achieved a good level of success and you want to see if you can take it to the next level, you want to move towards a level of self-actualization where you are not just meeting your basic needs. Youre not just meeting a level of it, where you really are youve moved faster. Your need for belonging, youve moved in to your path to self-esteem and moved to that height where you really want to see all that you can see and be what you can be. Theres different time in your life in your different needs and each time, its worth thank yous of, is there someone I can turn to who can give me just a little piece of advice or just that little boost to help me get path to my next level? Take the time. Go and find someone and meet your own needs. Make the changes in your life and let someone help you make those changes.

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