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Value and understand your partner


Well Im very happy to talk about the secrets of a happy relationship, yeah, you know, Im fortunate I met a wonderful person and, and I also be certified that in a relationship coaching so happy relationship through maximize their (inaudible) how many and the to just really have love to go for any level, critical level they have along the way and Ill be very successful than helping many people who have had some challenges being a relationship coach so whats helps relationship this time is of course number one is communication by communication with (inaudible) great but communication with our self, meaning what understanding whats going on whether the trigger is they create unhappiness or earn happiness well you know we are thinking that our really important to understand in order to really (inaudible) in our relationship we have to understand our needs and our wants so our personal needs and wants and then the needs and wants of our partner (inaudible) the second thing is to understand that value we are you know, creating our identity on so what are the value they make who we are you know, and the values are really close because once you have understand values is you understand also your partner (inaudible) makes you takes or not takes so I know could be basically like have a sense of, or a need of touch or a need of communication or a need or (inaudible) thats also part of a value you know, for (inaudible) I mean communicating and being close and having a sense of closeness is very important as I would say I would have that in mind with my partner Im not going to be a fulfillment in my relationship also you know being able to be outdoor is very important to me its part of my value, lifestyle being able to be with a happy partner is very important so all of these are part of my values so if you need the elements that you need to have clarity on what is contributing to your sense of fulfillment and what is it that youre looking for in another partner you look for a somebody could really (inaudible) or do you look for somebody whos similar to you and this is things you need to evaluate you know, not just chemistry because chemistry definitely important but its not everything and spirituality is definitely important but its not everything and communication definitely important but its not everything so you need a combination of that so in order to really create a good well rounded relationship you need to take time to know what is really making you happy and start with you and once you have define that then you can see or tell what is it that Im looking in a partner? What is the combination element? What are the fillers that are really (inaudible), and what am I willing to accept or not to accept? To me if somebody is smoking is not acceptable, I cannot, Im very allergic to cigarettes so I cannot even if this person can be wonderful and get along and everything else but this is a no, no, and if the person is not willing to consider to stop then I cannot continue I have a hard time its my limitation my own personal limitation o you have to define how far you can go in accepting you know, somebody else way of living and lifestyle and theres nothing (inaudible) is just about appreciating the differences and respecting them so here we go I hope I have gave you enough information to start that theres so much to talk about and if you want to go deeper just give me a call 416-919-8466 and (inaudible) and Im looking forward to dig deeper in to the wonderful world of amazing relationship.

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