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Identify the things that you have improved in your life


The quickest, simplest thing that you can do to make you feel better about your self is do something you love it could be as easy as simple as you know what I love playing sport then go play sport, I love dancing then go out dancing, I love going out for coffee and chit-chatting with a friend do it, pay yourself a little treat go to Starbucks and get yourself a nice latte or some sort, but if you love just connecting with nature and taking some relax and breathing a cool air please do that, if you are overwhelmed with stuff it's so important to be able to go back to your roots and go back to the things that fill you up and light you up it could be as simple as listening to music that just going to shift your mood around, it could be having a deep conversation with friend or even just speaking lightly and gently with a stranger it could be you know, making a play date with your niece or nephew or it could be as simple as what tuning out and watching a movie because you've been doing too much so whatever it is whether it's being a photograph, playing video games, building a helicopter model whatever it is that you love to do, do it because when you do something that you love you truly connect with who you are, your authentic self and when you are your authentic self that's when you feel great about yourself. Now, second thing that you could do would be to how to be clear as to what your talents are and then share them, share your talents, are you a good cook? Are you good at needing? Are you good at fixing cars? Are you good at just listening and share your skills, share your talent with someone else because there is always, always, always, always, always people that are in need of what you can offer, offer from your authentic self so be clear as to what your skills and gifts and talents are and then share them because when you share and you see someone else wide up because of what you have to offer and you're offering is totally natural Holy Jesus makes you feel good so do things that you love and do things that you're gifted and talented in doing and things that light you up and some other simple things that you could is actually you now eat good food, eat healthy food because that makes you feel good in general drink water, exercise you know and if you're going to be doing some exercises do exercise that you love don't go shed yourself in a jam if you really are intimated and don't like it, if you like going outside then do an exercise outside or if you like dancing take a Zumba class or you know go zenout and a Yoga Pilates class what else that you could do, you could actually meditate, that is huge if you havent practice meditation I highly recommend that you invest in some time on learning how to do it and then doing it on a daily basis whenever you're frazzled, overwhelmed, discourage, stuck just stopping an meditating, connecting, letting go of all these thoughts that are happening in your head to connect back to yourself, to your energetic self, to you whole being where you can take your breather connect and then move forward and that's a little thing that I like to recommend so my clients to do is a quick exercise on identifying things that are you have improved in your life and it's a dose as like this so simple, what youll do is you look at yourself today take a pad of paper look at yourself today and kind of go okay I'm going to compare myself today to myself six months ago and just start making notes of the changes the little slight new ones the little improvements that you've done based on six months ago because the worst thing that we can do is compare ourselves to someone else not a good thing, so compare yourself to yourself and you do this every six months to basically see you know what I am doing some good stuff, I am improving, I did make a change here, I am thinking differently in here, I am talking differently to this person, I'm not letting this affect me so much, so taking the time to look at how you improve, how you naturally evolve makes you feel much better about yourself.

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