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Know the reasons on anything that you want


____________JJ Thiret____________ I hear parents, and, I think I was told this myself, and I've heard it a lot, um, when the kids says, um, I wanna be a fireman, or I wanna be policeman. And the parents says, you can be anything you want, honey. but I am, a little bit unsure about that. What are your thoughts about that? ____________Chauncey Scott____________ My, my point was about that is, the one, if, if they're, if they're coming to you as a kid, then you need to kinda explain to them, hey, if you really wanna do this, you have to put on a whole bunch of work, a whole bunch of effort into it, but you can't do it, but you gotta put it on, and time and work and effort into it. But other thing is, is that, you really gotta go to, beyond what is the reason, like what is the reason that you wanna become a fire-fighter, or fireman, what is the reason that you have to come back in a... ____________JJ Thiret____________ Hmm... Coz I wanna ride in one of those big red fire trucks. ____________Chauncey Scott____________ Exactly. So, so, maybe is, maybe is that then, you don't really wanna do that, actually is, actually is you wanna do that, or maybe it's because they wanna actually, help somebody, or maybe is because, they, they enjoyed the camaraderie of being you know, a basketball player, so realistically is not about the NBA... It's more about the camaraderie... Of being, being around the team more... ____________JJ Thiret____________ Or being famous, or being able to dunk the ball. I wanna be like Michael Jordan. Yeah.I wanna be like um, Chauncey Billups... ____________Chauncey Scott____________ Yeah. Yeah. Hehehe. It's like, it, it goes beyond, it's that, this is what I wanna do that, um because in the NBA, it's, it's realistically, they're, they're, something behind that, and that's what ah, ah, I try to get my clients to, which, especially when I started making my, you know, decisions for money. It's not about the money. What's behind that? And then, what's behind that? And what do you wanna do with them? What do you wanna, wah, wah, and then we'll get to the real cracks of them. ____________JJ Thiret____________ So, yeah, so um, you kinda break things down into um, different like levels, right? And... And get them to, kind of see things like you were saying... And then to take the steps to move where they're invisioning themselves ____________Chauncey Scott____________ Yup.

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