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Overcome self-doubt and very low self-esteem


To find most some simple ideas of achieving able to overcome self doubt and very low self-esteem and genuinely living able to feel better in [inaudible] about yourself. First of all, start keeping a gratitude journal. This would be a journal we buy. Each evening before going to bed that you actually write down a minimum of 5 things that have happened during the day that you are thankful for. These could be quiet simple things that some thing like being able to get up in the morning, have a good job to go to, being able to spend time with your family. Possibly something good that has happened to you during the day. Once you are able to actually recognize that things are going well for you, you will start immediately to feel better about yourself as well as your situation. But another good thing that one is able to actually do is to start surrounding yourself by people who are genuinely upbeat and positive. They will assist you to feel better about yourself. Is a first to mixing with those who see the same negative view points as you. You will unfortunately not be able to name around to becoming more positive. They will definitely drag you down to the negative level which is exactly what you are trying to avoid. Some things that can assist in tuning around your internal negative self talk is by turning off TV. No longer watching the news and trying to limit your exposure to the negative news that is exactly available online or in the media. Unfortunately this only negative news that self publicity and [inaudible] advertising space. So this is never good news to report in general. Some other factors that one is able to start doing is by realizing that you will never ever be able to achieve the degree of perfectionism that you sit for yourself. What you need to recognize in this regard is that the come suiting times which you exactly be able to let go where you need to accept what your best effort is need to be good enough and that you are not having to repeat a specific process over and over again. Some other very good quick fixes to feeling better about yourself is engaging in laughter. Go and tie yourself in some comedies or go and watch a movie whereby you are able to immerse yourself in comedy and laughter. This is tremendous healing properties as well as being able to assist you in developing a higher level of self-esteem whereby you will definitely start to achieve and feel the benefits and rewards of feeling better within yourself.

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