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Take a step and say i deserve it


The question of being financially cold I think is a cause of {inaudible} society which relies on the fact that you have succeeded as a human being by the size of your bank account or the size of your house and TV, you have a new car, you have new gadgets youre carrying in your pocket and your ability to {inaudible} and all these things. So, I think theres a great emphasis on the fact of being financially well-off. However, we need to give ourselves permission to be financially wealthy. So, I feel sometimes we dont feel that were good enough. We may decide that there are many people in the world who dont have any money. Therefore, neither should we. Unfortunately, we fail to understand that. The results are only concerned about ourselves. So, were actually thinking that we do not deserve. And {inaudible} I dont have this. I dont have that. I cant afford to buy this. cant afford to buy that. I havent got enough money to have kids. So {inaudible} reaffirming the fact that we dont have anything. {inaudible} skills need to be taken on both in trying to understand how can we change them. So we need to {inaudible} would you? Try to {inaudible} your negative {inaudible} to {inaudible} of having money. Then we need to, if we are able to visualize what does it feel like to have money. The interesting question here is lot of people when you ask them that question, they say, what does it feel like to have money?..I have a car or house. To me, thats not money. Thats just a car and most people have house and most people have a car but{inaudible}. So, in that process, when you visualize having money, you need to look at what money feels like. So, it always remind me of a story {inaudible} and his uncle {inaudible}. He was a very wealthy man. He used to {inaudible} coins everyday. And thats what, I think is a great visualization because it gives you an idea what it feels like to have money and thats real, its tangible. Its a great fiction and the mind understands those kind of fictions and it says, Oh, its not what it feels like to have money. Oh thats easy. I am hoping it done. So combine with your attention to negative {inaudible} and positive affirmations then you can start to feel comfortable {inaudible} financially well-off. And anybody, dont worry not having money because its not about them, its about you. Its about me. Its about what do I want. Do I want to be a martyr for everybody else and deny what I think what I should have? No, because a) I am taking their ability to heal themselves and I am healing myself at all. So, I think its important that you give yourself permission . I think its important that you take a step, pat yourself on the shoulder and say, I deserve it. You visualize what is money, what does it feel like, what does it smell like and I think that its important that you believe there is abundance in the world, there is plenty for everybody. You are not denying so your negative efforts and actions {inaudible} those who do not have. For me, thats the process and many people practice it. Many of the wealthy people practice it. So, goodluck!

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