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Just reframe it


______Susan Swan James__________ I think what's important is to try to figure out what you can do for the person before you. Whether that's a person you are interviewing, you know, on as a, on a show, or whether it's a person that's at the end of the phone that you're coaching, or whether it's another parent you just helped speaking with or anybody. What is it that they truly need? How can you help them right now? What is their greatest pain? What can you, How can you connect with them, um, and serve them, um, right now, in this moment. It might be just a word of encouragement. It might be um, you know a nugget, It might be reframing away that they are looking at something. You need to reframe it. Look back and see how much you have accomplished. Look at what you've done. Look at what you've done, and look, you're holding down a full time job, you've got a preemie at home. It is a lot. So just reframe it! I mean, I, you know, we, we beat ourselves up a-a lot, thinking that we should do things. You know, why don't I do this? I should do this, I should do that. Um, So, helping people to see how much they've accomplished, how can they reframe maybe something that they're looking at? Um, so, the main thing I would do is I would let them know what will be happening, that we would just be having a conversation, with a lot of bright lights, and be really warm, and, just, you know, just to look at me, and focus on talking to me one on one. And not worried of the cameras or what the people do in the studio. So again that was what served the person there. Or, if they were in, they had a, you know. If they had an event that they were promoting or something, serve them by helping them do the best to promote that event in the moment you have? So, no matter what it is, how do you serve that person in that moment? It's the connection with everything that I do.

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