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Get an image of what makes you feel better


We all have our so called blue days don't we well first of all I think it is important to acknowledge that this is happening and it is okay to have a blue day or it's okay to have a feeling that is not absolutely amazing and uplifting I personally like to read for example if I'm feeling really down I know to find the right book, the right article and it sometimes lift me up because I love words and I love stories and it immediately put me in to another frame of mind but there are many other ways here you can make you feel make yourself feel better another tool I'm using is music and music and dancing and combination even better and first of all when you are dancing you are focusing or your mind is focusing just on the dance which means you completely lose all the stuff that's going on in your head whether it is something depressive or whether it's some a loop that is playing over and over in your head your losing that because you're completely focusing on the dance and that gives your mind a little break or also medley makes you feel better it releases endorphins at the same time if you're moving so that's another really cool tip one I have for me which is one of my favorite tools I love dolphins for example just the thought of a dolphin makes me feel immediately like this little child when I see them in nature it's absolutely amazing I turn totally crazy I jump up and down the beach or wherever I just see them and just call out my kids gone mad when I do this and by there's something about dolphins that makes me feel like an amazing energy vibration within me so I have now a picture of dolphins beside my work computer and in my bedroom, at my fridge and every time I just look at this dolphin and not only feel I better but immediately I'm creating new neuron pass ways in my brain that when I see this image automatically it releases endorphins because previously it just made me feel good now I don't have to even jump anymore but my new pass ways are created and the only trigger I need is see the image of it so if you have something that you absolutely adore doing or like doing put pictures up around your house and just by looking at them you will trigger that feeling too the other thing I can recommend I guess is really consciously thinking about a time why you felt on top of the world even if this is a long, long time ago and something you experience whether it was at school or with your friends or at a birthday party or just being at the beach where you felt you are invincible and youve feel just feeling of completely enjoy and bliss and all of this together once you know this again you just have to think about it when you have one of those blue days in order to put you in a different mind frame again because all of blue day is you just put a different screen in front of you, face and everything looks gray rather than sunny and again that is normal that happens but if you want to get out of it quicker just be aware of it and then use one of those little triggers for your brain to change the screen so to speak and it doesnt have to be dolphins for me that just who does it.

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